Juul vs Vladdin

Almost everyone has heard of the Juul pod kit but is it that good? πŸ€” We have put it to the test placing Juul vs Vladdin in the arena to see if the Juul truly stacks up.

In our opinion, the device is extremely well-marketed but aside from causing quite a stir in the U.S. – due to all the promotion behind it and its exclusive application with nicotine salts that are usually very high in strength and need attention when one uses them – its performance is average and actual value for money is very low.

It’s also worth noting that the Juul charger is proprietary to the Juul – as opposed to most vape kits that use Micro USB to USB charging – so if it breaks or gets lost it’s not easy or cheap to source a replacement.

Here are some numbers, and a comparison with the much more efficient Vladdin RE pod kit that we stock:

  1. The Juul pod kit costs $49.99 USD and comes with a prefilled disposable 1ml pod (cartridge) – additional Juul pods are sold in packs of four for $15-$20 USD… Third-party pods are not very compatible and tend to cause leakage and/or connectivity issues. The Vladdin RE pod kit (dubbed the Juul Killer) costs only $39.99 AUD and comes with a refillable (disposable after multiple fill-ups) 1.5ml pod (cartridge) – additional refillable Vladdin RE pods are sold in packs of four for $22.99 AUD.
  2. Juul pods last for approximately only 200 puffs. The refillable Vladdin RE pods last for approximately 400 puffs.
  3. A packet of four prefilled disposable Juul pods cost $15-$20 USD – delivering a combined total of 800 puffs. A 50ml bottle of e-liquid to refill the Vladdin RE pods is around $20 AUD. This bottle can refill the 1.5ml Vladdin RE pod at least 33 times – that’s over 13,200 puffs for just $20 AUD (spare pods amount to $5.75 each).
  4. The Juul has a 150mAh battery capacity. The Vladdin RE has a 350mAh battery capacity, which evidently is more than 2 times larger and requires far less charging.
  5. The Juul delivers 6.5W-9W of vape output. The Vladdin RE delivers a solid 12W of vape output.

Verdict on Juul vs Vladdin: The Vladdin RE pod kit is far superior to the Juul – right across the board – more efficient and much more economical! πŸ‘Œ

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