How to Replace your Battery Wraps

If you use external batteries for your vape mod or vape kit, such as 18650 rechargeable Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries, knowing how to replace your battery wraps is an important skill. Taking care of your batteries ensures longer battery life and prevents your batteries from discharging.

Battery wraps are the thin layer of plastic that wrap your battery leaving only the positive and negative terminals exposed. New battery wraps are applied easily as they are essentially a shrink wrap and fit closely to the battery with the application of heat (for example using a hair dryer). They are also known as Heat Shrink Battery Wraps or PVC Tubing Replacement Covers.

You need to regularly check your battery wraps to ensure that they are in good condition. They need to be replaced if you notice any rips or tears anywhere on the battery wrap. This is because the wraps also act as a negative terminal and any rips could cause a hard short, which could possibly result in your battery discharging dangerously.

Before starting the replacement process, inspect your batteries. If you notice any damage around the battery skin/wrap, such as kinks and tears, no matter how small, it’s time to safely re-wrap the cell and make sure your battery is protected.

Battery wraps are very easy to replace. The video below demonstrates just how easy the process is.

IMPORTANT: If you notice any damage to the metal battery casing or leaking from the battery. Do not proceed with replacing your battery wraps. You will need to purchase replacement batteries and safely depose of your old batteries.

IMPORTANT: Do no tuse any metal tools/instruments to unwrap and/or rewrap your batteries. please watch the video above on how to unwrap and rewrap your batteries safely.

Sold individually. Please use the links below to find a wrap for your battery type.

Insulator not included – you will need to use your current insulator once you remove the old wrap.

24 January 2020